Blind nutrition in winter is easy to cause acne


Blind nutrition in winter is easy to cause acne

Winter is the season when skin oil secretion is reduced, but too many people have outbreaks of acne.

Experts point out that blind tonic in winter can lead to internal secretion disorders, which can also cause acne.

  Xie Zhihong, deputy chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, Beijing Hospital, pointed out that whenever the acne appears, the main cause is related to endocrine, abnormal keratinization of sebaceous ducts, microbial infection and immunity.

Some people develop acne during the winter, most likely due to blind tonic.

Blind tonic in winter will affect endocrine, at the same time reduce winter sports, eating relatively shifted, which will promote juvenile precocity, adult endocrine disorders.

High-energy, high-metabolism, greasy fast foods, and excessive replacement of delicate foods can easily cause excess, and excessive excessive androgen results in excessive androgen, which is an important cause of acne.

  Xie Zhihong said that to prevent acne, it is necessary to eat less or no fast foods that are not good for health and reduce the intake of delicate complications, which will help to balance the androgen level by controlling insulin.

In addition, there is no obvious overlap between the small wounds in winter and other seasons, and it cannot be ignored. It is still necessary to regulate endocrine, replace abnormal keratosis, anti-infection, and immune regulation.