Fall in love with fire because of poison in the body?


Fall in love with fire because of poison in the body?

“Getting angry” is a very common disease.

In the spring, there are four types of fire: heart fire, liver fire, stomach fire, and virtual fire. These four types of fire are caused by irregular diet, metabolic disorders, stress, and the accumulation of toxins in the body. How to reduce the fire?

  Nearly 85% of urban people are prone to get angry, women account for 93%, and men are close to 80%.

In the spring, “four fires” are easy to occur: heart fire, liver fire, stomach fire and virtual fire.

  Stress, upset, anxiety, and poor sleep are caused by “heart fire”: worrying about things a lot, work pressure, anxiety, etc., can cause insomnia, mouth ulcers, upset, and emotional upset.

  Liver and kidney disorders can cause “liver fire”: the body is hot, fatigued, irritable, angry at every turn, and women are prone to frequent urination and urinary tract infections.

  Metabolic disorders can easily cause “stomach fire”: during the holiday season, eating too well, excess nutrition, spicy, fried, big fish and meat in one pot, resulting in unreasonable stool, bad breath, sore face, mouth ulcers.

  Days and nights are upside down, fatigue and viral infection are the main sources of “virtual fire”: these people have colds, sore throats, fatigue, and sweating in the neck after falling asleep.

  Getting angry indicates “toxins” in the body.

  The harmful substances accumulated in the body can be exogenous or endogenous.

Exogenous toxins include: undesirable additives, pesticide residues, hormone-promoting organisms; environmental hormone-contaminated food, air pollution, pathogenic bacteria, and famycin.

Chinese medicine calls it evil.

  Endogenous toxins are toxins produced by metabolism.

The more vigorous the metabolism, the internal heat and weight, the deep red urine, the more waste after metabolism in the urine.

The more sticky the stool is, the darker it smells, the more poison it emits.

These toxins always accumulate and stagnate in the body.

The process of accumulating poison in the body is aging. The more poison, the faster the aging.

  To reduce the production and accumulation of poisons, the best way is to detoxify in time to facilitate fire fighting.

  Chinese medicine believes that there are four ways to detox: regular bowel movements.

Defecation should be completely unobstructed and timely, with dark color, heavy taste, and poisonous multiple times a day.

  Urinate in time.

Pay attention to the changes in urine color, which can predict toxin elimination in the body.

  Skin massage.

After moderate activities, massage the skin and face, feet, ears, head, face, etc. often, which is good for detoxification.

  Take a deep breath.

Attract less and exhale more.

You can also practice more self-sneezing, which is more conducive to sputum and discharge poisonous gas.

  ”Control your mouth and live slowly” can extinguish modern people’s “fire” alternative, which is related to the fast-paced lifestyle.

The more toxins accumulate, the smaller the “fire” may be hiding the major health problems.

Therefore, timely fire suppression is critical.

There are “two big tricks” in fire fighting. One is to manage well: the other is to slow life.

  Manage your mouth well to avoid touching harmful substances; control the intake of animal meat; eat more non-toxic, low-toxic, or neutralizable foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits; drink plenty of water and replace the poison in time, which is beneficial toExcretion; go to the restaurant less, three meals a day, can be called a day to drink porridge; chronic throat pharyngitis, sore voice, often contain olives.

  Slow life is to moderately slow down the metabolic rhythm and detoxify in time.

To achieve self-control, do not compress blindly, and maintain balance and tension between tension and relaxation.

The metabolism is slowed down, the material consumption is reduced, the heart fire will not be too vigorous, and the waste production will be reduced.

  Regular activities of the extremities, do some meridian massage, pedicure, etc., to strengthen the circulation of qi and blood, is conducive to the timely delivery of toxins in the body to the liver and kidney and smooth discharge.

In hazy days, go out less and go to public places with more people to avoid air pollution.