Cheap food gold, eat once a day, raise the spleen and nourish the stomach



Cheap “food gold”, eat once a day, raise the spleen and nourish the stomach

Millet is the best health care in the grain.

Chinese medicine believes that the same seed, the greater the number of energy, the stronger the nourishing power.

Therefore, it is born with all things, rich in grain, and the best in the grain.

Corn is also known as millet. The spring harvest is the most complete in the world. The insulin is the thickest, the fruit of the spleen, the most spleen and stomach.

It can be called “food gold”.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: millet “treatment of stomach enthusiasm, porridge food, Yi Dantian, tonic loss, open the stomach.”

That “food gold”, who can use it, how to eat it is better?

The secret of longevity of Xiaomi Miao porridge is to drink millet mung bean porridge every day, millet to make up the vitality, mung bean detoxification and clear fire.

Stable blood sugar morning millet pumpkin porridge Chinese medicine believes that millet has nourishing kidney, in addition to stomach heat, cure diabetes (diabetes), the effect of urination.

Pumpkin can promote insulin production.

Early diabetic patients with millet as a complementary food can help stabilize blood sugar and are particularly good at controlling disease progression.

Lower blood pressure morning millet lotus porridge millet 200 grams, 10 grams of lotus seeds, porridge.

It has an effect on heart fire and high blood pressure.

Soothe the sleep of the night, millet lily porridge modern medicine found that its containing tryptophan will cause a sleepy serotonin to promote the secretion of sleeping hormone, so millet is also a good sleeping food.

Ziyin Yangwei Xiaomi yam porridge millet contains starch that is easily digested and is easily digested and absorbed by the body.

Especially suitable for people with weak stomach.

Pregnant women and maternity often drink millet porridge, which can help restore physical strength and nourish yin. Its unique antibacterial effect also prevents gynecological inflammation.

You can use yam and millet porridge instead of dinner. Yam should use medicinal Huaishan, millet for a long time, and drink a bowl every night.

And spleen and stomach, Yiqi blood millet yam jujube porridge millet 100 grams, 30 grams of Chinese yam, jujube 5, brown sugar 30 grams, a total of porridge to eat.

Can strengthen the spleen and stomach, benefit qi and blood.

It is used to treat the spleen and stomach weakness of diarrhea and the deficiency of qi and blood deficiency.

Experts remind: Xiaomi can generally eat, especially for the elderly, patients’ tonics.

However, those with qi stagnation should be hanged; those who are chilled and urinary should be eaten less.